Draw Code motion

Develop without write … textual source code. Graphic Programming ? Is it possible? Is it utopia, a dream? Scepticism is big. But principle already presents.

In computerization industry since a log time, RAD movement (Rapid Application Development) attempts this approach visibly without real success. Then is it really possible?

Yes if we reconsider the true nature of the model. But always lot of defaults and phenomenons exist which prevents the true RAD.

We initiate the true Wysiwyg Rapid Application Programming (true-wrap) to Draw the Code with graphic and expressions to specify systems.

Modeling platforms such as UML, BPMN and BPMS to realize it (executable BPMN), or integration platforms with graphical programming langage to orchestrate, transform, route messages, etc. show the way.  But we only are at start of way.

To attempts this approach the actual technologies don’t sufficient.

The nature of model is not in the realistic position (refer What is the true model nature?)


Published by: Boris Billereau

Conceptor, analyst, programmer, architect for business logic enterprise (capable), researcher in design sciences and semiotic to provide easiest systems and technologies of information and communication for business (business stic) with quality and accurate in agility.

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