What is the true model nature?

To understand draw code motion, we have to specify what is the true nature of model.

STIC industry actually has a bad perception about model. And also place some models in the bad position to help enterprise to understand and use easiest the concept of model.

Example: BPM vs SOA, where the major show to enterprise that BPM is for business and SOA for technologies while SOA activate BPM which place both in the same level. In addition, SOA BPM have to specify in each level between business and technologies. This allows the true unity and alignment between business and technologies.

Framework such as DDD, DAD and others, place model and code at different level, recommending alignment strategy to fit Model and Code. This is an error. “Model” and textual program code are same and deserve the same goals: specify the system. it’s just a forms matter.

We exist from models, without models humanity did not exist. Model is independent from support and form. ACM and CMMN said that social network is unstructured. It’s false. Social network gives that it is unstructured, unorganized, but it’s false because under fill, the reality is that the social network is structured, organized from models.

The disorder comes from your inability to  give order in the concept of model. Everyday we structure models whatever the form. The commun form is textual, but we are able to formalize graphical models. All is in the proportions between them. Actually we specify all of kind of system with textual form because is the easiest form that we know manipulate naturally.

Model is not an abstraction. Model is an abstraction according how we see the nature of model actually. Model exist in everything. Even in the instances. Lot of education principles work from an instance as model. To work correctly instances reproduced from model need to have a accurate model because if the model is not accurate the instances produced from them don’t work, simply.

In STIC we have a special particularity which consist to produce in same time we specify and vice versa. Why? because we specify until we deploy the specifications of system in system. “The model is in code”. This affirmation brings a true new perspective in the new approach of model in the specification cycle and knowledge management.




Published by: Boris Billereau

Conceptor, analyst, programmer, architect for business logic enterprise (capable), researcher in design sciences and semiotic to provide easiest systems and technologies of information and communication for business (business stic) with quality and accurate in agility.

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